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Diablo The Butcher

Diablo The Butcher
Diablo The Butcher
Diablo The Butcher
Diablo The Butcher
Diablo The Butcher

Diablo The Butcher

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Welcome to our shop, where imagination meets craftsmanship! Behold the exquisite 3D Printed Resin Model Kit of The Butcher - When you hear the yell of FRESH MEAT he comes a running , inspired by the epic Diablo 4 video game!

Measures - 10.75” tall

Resin model kit ultra HD 4K print

Design By FotisMint 3D

The Butcher is a powerful and brutal demon that has a small chance of appearing inside inside any room within dungeons and cellars. Once he spots the player, he'll grunt his signature "Fresh meat!" and will relentlessly chase them until they are killed, or until he's defeated. Whenever the player encounters the Butcher, his theme song will play.

There are no player-level restrictions for the Butcher to spawn; he can potentially appear at any level the player character is at. In some cellars he can even be a random objective, which will be completed whether the player defeats him or not (although killing him earns the objective's mastery). He can also spawn while the player is in a party, and can also appear inside Nightmare Dungeons.

The high-quality resin material ensures durability and precision, allowing for ease of assembly and customization. Whether you choose to paint her in the traditional sinister hues or give her a unique twist with your creativity, our Lilith model kit is the perfect canvas for your artistic vision.

Ideal for display on your gaming shelf, office desk, or as the centerpiece of your collection, this 3D printed Lilith model kit is bound to captivate all who lay eyes upon her. Be it a gift for yourself or a fellow Diablo enthusiast, it will undoubtedly become a treasured possession, admired for years to come.

Design files are created and owned by the designers themselves. We do not have permission to distribute the files and we will not sell or exchange them for anything , please do not ask . If you would like the files for yourself to print, please see the designers Patreon page and support them and the amazing work that they do !

NOTE : As with all 3D printed objects there’s always the chance for very slight imperfections and slight color differences in the material from the process. We make sure to minimize these imperfections as much as possible. With our high-quality filaments and professional grade FDM machines we do our very best to make these as perfect as possible. Our modelers are some of the best in the industry and we have a working relationship with them to create these pieces to printed as best as possible.

All products will ship with the utmost protection to ensure a safe travel . We use a combination of any of the following materials bubble wrap , recyclable filling , foam peanuts , etc... In the unlikely event that there is damages to the product during shipping we will do our best to make the situation right as fast as possible.

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