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Alien Xenomorph

Alien Xenomorph
Alien Xenomorph
Alien Xenomorph
Alien Xenomorph
Alien Xenomorph

Alien Xenomorph

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The physical form of an Alien / Xenomorph can vary widely depending on its life stage, hive, caste, age, and host. Its ability to incorporate genetic material from its host, coupled with the existence of numerous mutations and deviations which have originated naturally or artificially; makes the Xenomorph one of the most phenotypically diverse organisms in the galaxy.
Design By FotisMint 3D

8.75” tall
Resin ultra HD 4K print
2 piece bust and stand
Solid Head version Non-See through dome

Fanart Design files are non licensed products designed for fun, created and owned by the designers themselves. We do not have permission to distribute the files and we will not sell or exchange them for anything , please do not ask . If you would like the files for yourself to print, please see the designers Patreon page and support them and the amazing work that they do !

NOTE : As with all 3D printed objects there’s always the chance for very slight imperfections and slight color differences in the material from the process. We make sure to minimize these imperfections as much as possible. With our high-quality filaments and professional grade FDM and Resin machines we do our very best to make these as perfect as possible. Our modelers are some of the best in the industry and we have a working relationship with them to create these pieces to printed as best as possible.

A typical Xenomorph begins its life cycle as an egg-like creature (known as an ovomorph or simply egg) which, when detecting the presence of a potential host, opens up to release the second stage: a small arachnid-like life form (named the facehugger) which launches itself onto the host's face and impregnates it with an endoparasitoid larva. This parasite then consumes parts of the host from within and violently emerges from the host's chest cavity as a worm-like creature (grotesquely christened as the chestburster), which will quickly scurry away to find a safe place where it can molt and complete its metamorphosis into an adult Xenomorph, which happens, surprisingly enough, over the course of mere hours.

Adult Xenomorphs all tend to share some common traits: a vertebrate-like body, a protective dark exoskeleton, a long flexible tail, an elongated domed head and a toothed mouth hiding a secondary, extendable, proboscis-like inner maw. Little is known about their biology, but it is known that they eat with their inner or secondary mouths, not their outer mouths. This mouth is somewhat similar to the pharyngeal jaw of a moray eel. They also bleed an unknown and extremely corrosive fluid. This substance is dull yellow in color and often referred to as "blood", although whether it's used to transport nutrients through the body and/or serves principally as a defensive mechanism is not clear.

While the extremely corrosive fluids and tremendous resilience displayed by the creature might suggest an exotic kind of biochemistry, the fact that the Xenomorph not only feeds on Humans, but actually develops inside them, strongly suggests that its biology is carbon-based. The ability to inherit traits from its hosts also suggests that it incorporates genetic material from them, implying that the Xenomorph either has DNA, or is able to read and convert DNA into whatever means it uses to store genetic information. There is evidence that the genetic exchange is mutual (i.e. the parasite alters the host's DNA as well), given that Ellen Ripley's clones were created in an attempt to gain access to the Xenomorph Queen's genetic material, which wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Xenomorphs operate in hives made of a resin they produce, mixed up with their saliva fluids. The Queen can be generated in more than one way: from specialized royal facehuggers, or maturing from Praetorians, which in turn can mature from Drones or Warriors; by a process referred as 'molting'. Judging from the condition that any Xenomorphs can potentially 'molt' and grow into a Praetorian and then a Queen, the Xenomorph species is likely all unisexual and reproduces asexually by a process called parthenogenesis: a reproductive method practiced by many species on Earth and other planets. Alternatively, it's also possible that the aliens are either hermaphrodites or practice sequential hermaphroditism, i.e. being able to change sexes during life, as is the case with some species of fish and amphibians.

Most Xenomorphs appear to possess an intelligence level equivalent to that of a typical primate. It's well within their capabilities to learn relatively quickly, gathering information and making advantageous use of their environment. Although they do not demonstrate Human and Yautja-level intelligence as a species (such as abstract reasoning, introspection and technological advancement), their Queen appears to possess considerable acumen in her social behavior and manipulation of Human technology, such as cutting the power of the LV-426 colony and operating an elevator. While it may take considerable time for them to learn how to operate machinery[4], other Xenomorphs have displayed fast reasoning and the capacity to find creative, counter-intuitive solutions to problems, as exemplified by a group which, after noticing that they were being contained, intentionally murdered the weakest so that the acid of the Xenomorph's blood would eat through the floors.[5]

As the adult Xenomorphs are known to inherit physical characteristics from their hosts (for example, when a Yautja was infected, the parasite later developed into a "Predamorph" or "Predalien") it is possible that the intelligence level of the creature may be influenced by its host as well. Furthermore, being an eusocial species, it is possible that the intellectual capacity varies for each different caste.

Xenomorphs have demonstrated little emotion, though they are not completely devoid of fear, such as when they are in the presence of fire[6], which they are vulnerable to. They have also been shown to communicate pain through shrieks or screams when attacked.

It has been suggested that Xenomorph nests may operate under a hive mind, or a collective consciousness directed by the Queen, who can call back and give orders to her subjects, both telepathically and vocally with shrieks. In some cases, the Queen Mother Xenomorph communicates telepathically with potential hosts, inducing terrifying dreams and religious visions, which may even lead to the formation of cults with the Xenomorph as a god-like figure, not dissimilar to the cults of Cthulhu and other such entities. The most famous example of this phenomenon might have been Walter Golic, who received supposedly telepathic messages from a captured Xenomorph; which ultimately led him to release it and let it kill him. He called this Xenomorph "the Dragon", and viewed it as a god.

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